Axolotl recently engaged Australian Dust Control to install an Australian Made Spray Booth


Axolotl recently engaged Australian Dust Control (ADC) to design, supply & install 1 x 4m Dry Spray Booth & 5 x High Pressure Suction Lines to suit their workshop.

Axolotl is a Sydney based Company that bonds semi-precious metals onto any substrate. Taking architectural glass to new creative heights, including concrete, timber & terracotta ranges of bonded surfaces.

Australian Dust Control’s highly qualified sales team worked together with Axolotl to ensure that the design of the 4m Dry Spray Booth & the 5 x High Pressure Suction Lines for the sanding tables would best suit their requirements.

The ADC Spray Booth is fully enclosed, complete with opening out hinged doors, inlet filters, located on the doors. The dry filtration system uses standard cardboard filter media. There is a 3kw axial fan, EXE and the relief air ductwork will discharge from fan, with weather flap fitted at 3 metres above roof. This arrangement complies with Australian Standards & regulatory authorities.

Spray Booths aim to capture overspray in the operation of spray painting. The area where the spray painting is being carried out is under negative pressure so that the airflow is towards the filtration section of the spray booth. The overspray is collected on the front face of the spray booth and the filtered air passes through and discharges to atmosphere via the extraction fan.

The filter media of the dry spray booth is cardboard coalescing material. The wet spray booth uses a water wall method to filter the overspray. All components of this product are of the highest quality.

The 5 x High Pressure Lines included a high pressure fan 5.5kw, mounted on wall adjacent benches; gal ductwork from fan to 5 x benches, with suction inlets located 2 metres above FLL. The high-pressure suction line is connected from each sanding tool to overhead suction inlet. The outlet from the fan is connected to the main duct of the existing Australian Dust Control dust extractor.

ADC also provided a service for Axolotl at the same time, for the Australian Dust Control Reverse Pulse Model RP30 that was installed back in 2003. The system is running as well as it did when it was installed 12 years ago. At Australian Dust Control we pride ourselves on providing only products with this level of quality, which are built to last. Keeping our customers happy is something that we feel very confident & strive for

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