Australian Dust Control Supplies Western Australian Facility with a 5m Dry Spray Booth

Falk Australia’s Western Australian Facility purchased a 5m Dry Spray Booth from Australian Dust Control in Flat Pack form & they assembled it themselves. This was an effective solution for them & they also saved on installation costs as they had many skilled staff to complete this installation based on instructions provided by Australian Dust Control.

Falk Australia is part of Rexnord Industrial Services which is an International Company that is committed to providing industry-leading gear drive repair, on-site repair and universal drive shaft and clutch repair.

Supply only is a great option available if you have skilled staff that can carry out the installation and also to reduce the total cost. However arranging the installation yourself is only recommended if there is someone qualified to carry out the installation.

There is also the option for Australian Dust Control to assemble products in our factory & delivery them directly to site. With this option the system just needs to be positioned & wired up by the customer. Again this is only recommended if there is someone qualified to carry out the work.

Falk Australia received 1 x Australian Dust Control 5 metre Dry Spray Booth in Flat Pack form. The assembled spray booths Dimensions = 5 metre wide x 4 metres deep x 3 meters high. The Dry filtration system, using standard cardboard filter media. The 4kW axial flow fan, EXE was mounted on the Spray Booth. Supply also included an Electrical Control Panel. This Spray Booth equipment is compliant with Australian Standards & regulatory authorities.

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