Australian Dust Control supplies BHP Billiton with a Dust Extraction System


Australian Dust Control recently completed a project for BHP Billiton at Groote Eylandt, Northern Territory, Australia.

Australian Dust Control designed the complete dust extraction system for BHP Billiton’s “Sample Prep Lab”, to replace their existing system.

This Australian Dust Control Model ASF2 DHLK Reverse Flow Dust Extraction System was supplied, installed & commissioned including ductwork, variable speed drive (VSD).

Australian Dust Control met BHP Billiton’s, worlds best practice standards of product supplied & safety management systems.

The Reverse Flow Filter Dust Collector from Australian Dust Control offers innovative and energy efficient design using the latest technology in dust extraction solutions.

The Reverse Flow Filter Model ASF2 DHLK is a completely modular dust extraction system providing customers with the flexibility to future-proof their business for further expansion.

Key Features & Benefits of the system that BHP Billiton purchased include:

  • Certified Australian Made. This ensures superior quality of all components.
  • Robust galvanised steel panels and frame.
  • This ensures that the system is built to suit internal or external applications. BHP Billiton’s System is outside in the harsh climate of Australia’s Northern Territory. Australian Dust Control’s Dust Extraction System will cope very well in these conditions.
  • Low maintenance therefore streamlining production.
  • Energy efficient. To maximise the energy efficiency, BHP Billiton chose to include a Variable Speed Drive, which will result in significant and ongoing energy savings costs as well as accurately controlling suction levels to machine connections within the lab.
  • Local expert technical support and spare parts available.
  • Fan Size: 18.5kW with sound enclosure.
  • Airflow capacity: 13,000m3/hr @ 270mm wg
  • Waste bins: 2 x 110L

Australian Dust Control is the industry leader providing quality solutions in dust extraction, fume extraction and waste management solutions suitable for many industries.

The superior design and construction of all our dust and fume extraction systems ensures that they are durable and built to last with great serviceability.

Proudly an Australian owned and operated business we pride ourselves on superior quality products, and service and reliability that is second to none. With the proven performance for delivering what we promise, meeting deadlines and seamless installations from our professional team means that we have happy and satisfied customers every time.

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