Australian Dust Control recently installed a Reverse Flow Filter Unit ASF6 DXLK Dust Extraction System

Australian Dust Control was recently engaged to upgrade an existing dust extraction system for a leading pallet manufacturer.

Australian Dust Control’s design aimed to remove the very fine dust generated from the shredding process of their waste timber. Whilst also working with the existing systems already in place.

Australian Dust Control Installed a Reverse Flow Filter Unit ASF6 DXLK with ductwork capable of handling 45,000m3/hr.

Dust extraction systems from Australian Dust Control are designed to capture, transport and collect dust particles to improve the breathable air quality and safety. An extraction hood at the source of the dust collects the dust particles, which are then transported through ductwork to the dust extraction filter via the extraction fan, with the dust particles filtered and discharged into a waste collection point.

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