Australian Dust Control Designs, Supplies & Installs a quality Dust Extraction System for distinguished Recycling Plant located on the South Cost of NSW


Australian Dust Control (ADC) was appointed to design, supply & install a dust extraction system for Shoalhaven Recycling.

ADC established that a Cyclone Dust Collector Model C2000 with a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) was the most suitable solution.

The design of this Cyclone Filter Unit uses centrifugal force to remove high volumes of dust. The cyclonic action causes the dust particles to settle at the base of the cyclone and drop into a waste bin with the relief air discharging into the atmosphere.

Key Features of the Cyclone System that was installed:

  • Certified Australian Made – ensuring superior quality of all components.
  • Robust galvanised steel panels and frame.
  • Galvanised Ductwork
  • Weatherproof therefore built to suit its external application.
  • Complete turnkey installation provided.
  • Low maintenance, which results in, streamlined production.
  • Local expert technical support and spare parts available.
  • Fan Size: 22 kW
  • Airflow capacity: 24,000m3/hr
  • Electrical Control Panel: Australian Made
  • Variable Speed Drive installed. A Variable Speed Drive (VSD) suits the fan and is complete with pressure differential transducer to pre set suction levels. This is the “green” option, which results in a reduction in noise levels and power bills. It allows you to automatically set the suction levels on all machines. This adjusts the speed of the extraction fan according to the machines in operation. For example, if the fan is operating at 80% capacity, this translates to a reduction in power bills of 50%.

Australian Dust Control designs & manufactures a comprehensive range of energy efficient Cyclones which are suitable for all industries. Suitable industries other than Recycling include: Timber, Paper, Plastics, Metal, Food, Landscaping Suppliers and Mining.

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