Australian Dust Control designs and installs complete dust & fume extraction system for Catholic High School in Maitland


Australian Dust Control is recognised as an industry leader providing flexible and energy efficient dust and fume extraction solutions for high schools and other learning institutions ensuring a much cleaner and safer working environment for all students and teachers.

St Peters at Maitland required a complete dust & fume extraction system for their new metal and woodworking classrooms. ADC designed and installed a new dust extraction system for the woodworking room that incorporated an S30 Shaker dust collector with 7.5kW fan with sound enclosure as an added option to minimise noise to surrounding classrooms. A complete ductwork layout for all 8 woodworking machines including blast gates was designed and installed by ADC. The timber dust is extracted directly from the dust collector into 2 x 200L drums.

The fume extraction system designed for the welding area of the metal working classroom included 8 x 150mm diameter articulated arms and a 7.5kW high efficiency fan. ADC also installed a suction bench suitable for metal grinding and sanding.

To maximise energy efficiency an ADC Variable Speed Drive was an added option that presets suction levels ensuring significant and ongoing electricity saving costs.

Australian Dust Control designs complete dust and fume extraction systems for schools, providing an economical, low maintenance and energy efficient solution based on the latest technology.

The Shaker Dust collector and fume extraction systems offered by ADC ensure a high level of protection for all students and teachers, and are compliant with OHSE regulations and Australian Standards.

Australian Dust Control is a certified Australian Made licensee eligible to use the Australian Made logo for their range of products including the shaker dust collectors.

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