Australian Dust Control commissioned by Shore School in Sydney to upgrade their woodworking workshop with 2 x new Shaker Filter Dust Extraction Systems

Promotion of a safe and productive learning environment will ensure effective management of the risks to students and staff associated with dust & fume exposure. Responding to these needs Australian Dust Control provides schools with the latest energy efficient technology in dust & fume extraction at affordable prices offering flexible design with many added options available.

Australian Dust Control was commissioned by Shore School in Sydney to install 2 x new dust extraction systems using the latest technology for their woodworking workshop to ensure provision a safe and clean work environment for all students & staff at the school.

The design & installation included 2 x Shaker Filter Extraction systems each with a 5.5kW extraction fan; additional ductwork connections to 4 x woodworking machines; switchboard & electrical connections, as well as the installation of 2 x new floor sweeps. The work carried out by Australian Dust Control replaced the existing, inefficient dust extraction systems.

Floor sweeps are ideal for workshop scenarios where there is a slow build up of dust on adjoining benches so at the end of the day you simply sweep the dust to the floor sweep open the front flap and the dust is extracted into the dust extraction system. Keeping the workshop clear of dust.

All of the extraction systems designed by Australian Dust Control, emit low noise making them suitable for school workshop applications. They are an affordable solution offering energy efficient technology ensuring significant and ongoing cost savings for schools.

Dust & fume extraction systems designed by Australian Dust Control are compliant with all OHSE guidelines & Australian Standards and play a vital role in ensuring the day to day safety of students & teachers in many school workshops.

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