Another multi faceted project by Australian Dust Control


Waverley Council has invested in 3 quality Australian Dust Control systems for their Depot in Alexandria, NSW.

Their acquisition included Design, supply & install of 1 x Dust Extraction System Model S30 Shaker Filter Unit; 1 x Fume Extraction System; and 1 x 2m Dry Spray Booth.

Waverley Council has shown commitment to using quality Australian Made products that are built to last.

As multi faceted projects are Australian Dust Control’s speciality, this seamless installation took minimal time, successfully.

The Shaker Dust Collector from Australian Dust Control was installed in the woodworking workshop & is a very economical dust extraction solution with low energy consumption. The shaker mechanism cleans the filter socks during shutdown intervals with dust discharging directly from the unit to the waste bins.

Key Features:

  • Certified Australian Made – ensuring superior quality of all components
  • Robust galvanised steel panels and frame [powder coated]
  • Weatherproof – Built to suit internal or external applications
  • Complete turnkey installation
  • Low maintenance- streamlining production
  • Energy efficient – saving on power costs
  • Local expert technical support and spare parts available
  • Fan Size: 7.5kW

The Dry Spray Booth is l in Painter’s Workshop. The dry filtration system, using standard cardboard filter media is complete with a 1.5kw axial flow fan, EXE.

The Fume System installed is a Mobile Welding Fume Extraction System within the Plumbing and Boiler Maker’s Workshop. This equipment is completely self contained with a 3 phase power lead, plus 1 x 150mm DIA x 2m Articulated Arm to capture welding fumes.

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