3m Dry Spray Booth Supplied & Installed for Pacific Turbine by Australian Dust Control


Pacific Turbine Brisbane is a specialised aviation business based in Brisbane, Australia.

Pacific Turbine’s Australian Dust Control Spray Booth is used to capture the overspray in the spray painting process of repaired components. The Spray Booth comes complete with an Electrical Control Panel, 1.5kW Fan, 3 x Twin 36w Fluoros, Relief Air Ducting & a wall of special inlet filters to ensure they maintain clean filtered air, into the booth.

Key Qualities of the Australian Dust Control 3m Dry Spray Booth

  • Australian Made
  • Complete turnkey installation
  • All components of this product are of the highest quality.
  • Precisely designed equipment to suit the application.

Australian Dust Control Puts You in Control of Your Environment, ensuring that you are making a sound investment for the long run. Overall costs will work out much less as you have a greater serviceability of your equipment and a top quality product that is built to last.

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